There is nothing more challenging than being confined to a hospital room with a sick child for days and sometimes weeks at a time. My wife and I found ourselves in this situation a few years ago. As a result of our experience we have decided to pay it forward for other families faced with the same or even similar situations.

We began a Foundation called “Hinton Cares Foundation”, which is dedicated to providing emotional support to families that are faced with terminal illnesses. Our personal experience allows us to know exactly what these families are faced with and want to bring a smile. For us, so many times the visits from kind strangers with an understanding of childhood cancer was helpful to us.

This is personally rewarding for us as we bring our smile and hope to families during a pretty challenging time.


Hospital Visitation/Outpatient Follow Up

At the request of families, we visit during hospital stays. We are the people that visit in-between the holidays. Our goal is to provide emotional support on the great days and challenging days. We usually bring a care package with all kinds of goodies for parents and siblings every time we visit. We provide as much assistance as possible in and outside of the hospital.

We currently provide emotional support to many families and have plenty of room for more. Be sure to email me today with information so that we can include your loved one or friend on our