Tyrus J. Hinton has been providing emotional support to families for the past 20 years. His approach to assist families with the healing process after any terminal diagnosis has proven to be effective. His understanding of the many transitions a family must work through has been most helpful. He has experienced terminal diagnosis of one of his children and survived a cancer diagnosis of his own. Hinton along with his family continue to visit families in hospitals throughout the east coast and abroad through Hinton Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization which provided emotional support to families battling newly diagnosed terminal illnesses. Each family is sure to receive uplifting words and a care package to make their hospital stay a little more comforting. He serves on various boards and committees surrounding childhood cancer. He and his team participates in annual 5K races and fundraising events surrounding the cause to cure childhood cancer. He is the author of two books “Baby Steps” and “Couples In Crisis”. He is passionate! He is dedicated! He is generous! He Cares!