Hey Friends!

Did you know that when people are ill for a long period of time that they begin to feel as is they are a burden on others and can easily decide to isolate themselves?

After experiencing a personal cancer diagnosis in 2017 and having the challenge of an extended post surgery recovery, it became tough to talk or even text due to the repetition of daily sickness. Many days I had to head back to the ER and have short stays in the hospital.

While many are available the first time, they also have lives and routines to get back to. It is in those moments when life keeps moving for everyone else when it becomes easy to ask yourself “who cares?”

This morning I write to encourage the person who seems to be fighting a battle that will never end that there are people who care. You have more folks rooting for you than against you. You are not alone. People care! I’m a witness and even one of those people.

Try not to let the challenge of illness and/or recovery cause you to isolate yourself from the many individuals who are in your corner.

So who cares? Lots of people. Let them show it! Let your support system continue to provide those positive vibes which are essential to the healing process.