Hi Tyrus,

I thank you for sending me a copy of your book, Baby Steps, and I have read every page, including your inscription to me!  I am sincerely touched Tyrus!  Thank you! 

Baby Steps is so thoughtful, and well-presented.  The ideas you develop from your experience are definitely of value, whether another parent decides to adopt every one of them, or just some of them.  You really emphasize points that an anxious, overwhelmed parent, cannot think through very clearly. But you are a helpful guide in their process. Separating emotion from the act of listening keeps going through my mind. This information takes on greater significance coming from you than it ever could from one of the hospital staff.  The book is also small enough, the pages easy to read so it is not overwhelming, and the chapters clearly present the messages a parent is likely to be seeking!  I love that you have shared this with me.  I have shared it with several of my colleagues.  

I can’t recall if I mentioned that there are 9 social workers (not one, like when you met me!) in our Division.  Six of us work with newly diagnosed oncology patients, 2 with families of kids with sickle cell disease, and one in general hematology and Survivorship. 

Your book is especially special to any family, in my opinion, of a newly diagnosed child requiring intensive and long-term treatment, despite its emphasis on children with cancer.

The parents of our nearly 200 newly diagnosed kids with cancer each year will definitely benefit! 

I’m delighted that you have taken your unfortunate, difficult experience, and in Terrell ‘s name, learned and now offer so much to others.  I wish I could have provided you with this information when I first met you.

*some information has been omitted due to the private/personal nature intended for my wife and I.


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